Chakra Balancing with Aromatherapy

Harnessing the Wisdom of the Plants for Optimum Happiness and Alignment

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The Chakra System provides the perfect map for healing and growing in all areas of our life. When we combine this ancient wisdom, together with that of the plants, we have found a powerfully effective way to start thriving from the inside out.  

Learn which of your chakras need unblocking or balancing, and which high vibration plants are here to help you. Open, purify and balance your chakras for an optimum life.

Take this course to:

  • Learn How to Test Your Chakras.
  • Experience the Power of Unblocking & Balancing Your Chakras & Transform Your Life.
  • Immerse Into the Blissful World of Essential Oils and Experience the Immense Wisdom the Plants Have to Offer.
  • And so much more...

What's included?

24 Videos
1 Quiz
2 Texts
3 PDFs

What others have been saying about this course:

Akeno Elison

Thank you Simsar Healing Academy

I have gained a lot of new knowledge about both Aromatherapy and the Chakra System and also great results very rapidly. I am now using Aromatherapy in combination with my daily chakra balancing meditation routine and have been recommending this t...

Start thriving from the inside out.

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